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Private Coaching!

Interested in ONE on ONE coaching with Princess Superstar?

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For those who want to take their art and life to the next level we have another surprise- Princess is now accepting new coaching clients that need help with their creative breakthrough, and need it now!

To see if the two of you are a good fit we have arranged a very limited amount of FREE 10 minute coaching sessions.

If you are hardworking, open, and dedicated this could be your chance to profit from having a real mentor.

What you can expect if you get accepted:

​Speak once a week for a 45 minute session on Skype or phone directly with Princess Superstar aka Concetta. Includes private weekly email support. Also includes accountability "homework" each week.

The application process is straight forward and helps us to sort out and connect with serious, dedicated artists that are ready to work on their vision.

Just click on the button below to start the process.

Apply here for your Free 10 Minute Consultation!

Princess in the Studio