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Maybe it's time for a breakthrough!

Are you an artist or creative visionary?
Are you struggling with creative blocks?
Are you unsure about your vision?
Do you struggle with your internal dialogue?

Welcome to a one of a kind opportunity to connect with a real Superstar directly - to help reach your highest potential in this life.

Learn from 20 years of experience

She’s a top ten artist, been on numerous covers of magazines, and has toured places you might have never heard of.  As a creative mentor she has helped many artists all over the world, and now she is available to help YOU!

Magazines featuring Princess Superstar aka Concetta Kirschner

Who is Princess Superstar?

She's got two top ten hits in the UK under her belt, finding personal fulfillment with a creative job in music for 20 years, she even produced Lana Del Rey!

Princess is also a comedic actress who has worked with Margaret Cho and will be featured on Inside Amy Schumer Season 4 on Comedy Central.

She’s graduated with a BFA from New York University, is a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and a long time meditator on a spiritual and emotional quest.

She's been a creative coach on MTV's hit show Made; is a creative mentor to many people all over the world; and she's a committed wife and mother.

known from her work with...

and her hit TOP 10 singles

Perfect (Exceeder)

Bad Babysitter


Get clarity and achieve your personal breakthrough with coaching from a 20 year music industry veteran. 

Concetta Kirschner aka Princess Superstar has seen all ups and downs and lives to tell about it.

She's been on the covers of dozens of magazines
and has been featured all over the media - from the Wall Street Journal and USA Today to The Huffington Post and The Village Voice, also making appearances on MTV and Comedy Central. 

Now she's ready to help you take control of your life and career.