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Who is this for?

Are you an artist or creative?

Are you struggling with creative blocks?

Are you unsure about your vision?

Do you struggle with your internal dialogue?

Do you need some accountability or have trouble procrastinating?

Take your creativity (and life!) to the next level by working with Princess Superstar.

Let her help you work on your vision and the things that sabotage you. She's been working with a few select clients and they are exploding with success.

 Princess Superstar in the  Wall Street Journal

Moby and Princess

Named one of NY Magazine's Most Beautiful New Yorkers

Happy Clients do awesome things!

I’ve been a fan of Princess Superstar for over a decade now. I find her extremely inspiring. She is someone who has faced adversity in the every changing music business and has always maintained her artistic integrity and vision. In December of 2012, I started mentoring sessions with her and since then, for the first time in my life, I know with certainty, that I am an artist. She was able to give me perspective and help me realize that everything I do has reason and preparation behind it and that’s what makes me successful, despite outside criticism. From our very first meeting, she has pushed me to never say no to possibilities. As a result, I continue to creating new things and meeting exciting new people along the way. Princess Superstar has given me the motivation and confidence I need to stay true to myself and continue my artistic journey. I know if I keep on this track, I will be unstoppable!

David B
Artist, Actor

Before we started working together I warned Princess Superstar I had attempted the Artists' Way about four times in the last 10 years. I have a young toddler and an intense job, so pursuing my old aspirations of writing fiction seemed outlandish, as I had never even managed to finish a single project before. We decided to give it a go anyway, and within afew months I had found some incredible inspiration, actually finished something and given it to a publisher, and experienced some amazing synchronicity and good fortune. There are numerous other ways her coaching has helped me, in work, my home life and my relationship. Andthis is all despite being on the other side of the world and not even being a musician, etc. Princess Superstar's coaching revived an amazing side of life for me that had been out of reach for so long.

Kate M.

Working with Concetta has taught me how to value my own work, not just my artistic endeavors, but in my daily life as well, and how those two are intimately intertwined. She also helps me understand the ways in which I hold myself back so that I can better overcome those obstacles.

Justin B
Musician / Artist

Princess is a fantastic coach! I had lost faith in my project and she helped me fall in love with it and find my determination to be successful. David, Traxx24 - Music Entrepreneur

David K. Music Entrepreneur

When I started working with Concetta I was dealing with tremendous challenge. Her mentorship is life changing both spiritually and artstically. I am very grateful to have her in my life.

Haleh N.
Fashion Designer