Rejection is Awesome!

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Rejection is Awesome!

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A rejection letter that spawned a 20 year career in music!

When I read this letter in 1994 I was definitely upset. I was a young white girl rapper in the 90s who for beats sampled
Fugazi, David Bowie, Crooklyn Dodgers and the Rolling Stones and you were telling me my music wasn’t unique or exciting?
But I didn’t let this stop me and indeed I let nothing stop me -not reading a review in NY Press that had my face and the words “Princess Supersucks!”;
or getting booed when I opened for Pharrell and N.E.R.D. in the August heat at Central Park Summerstage (everyone was waiting for Busta Rhymes and Diddy to come on stage, not little ol’ me!) Rejection as artists (and indeed as people) is a necessary ingredient to success.
Nobody amazing didn’t get rejected. The Beatles couldn’t get signed at first; Van Gogh was only popular AFTER he died. And Ch-Ch-Ch Changes by Bowie didn’t get on the US charts until after he died FORTY years later after its release.  So if you want to be great, get rejected!
Use rejection for  “fuck that” fuel- “Fuck that I am gonna sit here and write the most amazing song/book/fairy tale the world has ever seen!”And don’t forget the amazing saying “Rejection is the Universe’s Protection.” That one works extra great – this record label that rejected me is out of business and so is the NY Press 🙂


Your experience with rejection? Let us know.
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