Eight Steps to overcoming Writer’s Block

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Eight Steps to overcoming Writer’s Block

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Eight Steps to overcoming Writer’s Block

By Princess Superstar

1.You have writer’s block. WHO FUCKING CARES?
Welcome to being an artist, hell, welcome to being alive.
I think the terror that you have writer’s block is worse than the block itself. So accept it, embrace it, look at it like a scientist observing something
under a microscope- it’s not even you, even though it feels like you.  Have you ever tried meditating? (If not try #5!) With meditation you learn that you are not your thoughts and learn how not to identify with your thoughts. Therefore know that YOU are
NOT your writer’s block.  And that it is not unique to you, that everyone has had it in some form or
another, even and especially the greatest artists in the world. You will write again I promise you. Especially if you do the things on this list!

2. BE WILLING TO SUCK. You have to not care what your first or even fifth draft looks like. If I showed you my first draft of my top ten hit “Bad Babysitter” you would look at me in shock and horror. The rhyming was so bad that my five year old could do it – and write something even better. From that first draft I took literally two lines that made me laugh, and kept writing. It took me ten drafts to write that song and all the previous drafts sucked. Can you know that you are talented and a valuable person even if you sometimes suck? That is actually the key to life.

3. You feel worthless, you should give up, everything you write is shit, let me see what is on Instagram OR… can you SIT THROUGH THE PAIN? Sitting through the pain is one of the most valuable experiences you can have. When you are showing up to write and nothing is coming or you are doing #3 on this list and are willing to suck and everything you write is sucking, it is beyond painful. I know. But as they say, no pain, no gain. Just like at the gym, you build muscles by painfully tearing the muscle fiber. So, if you painfully tear your writer’s block muscle and show up anyway to write, magic can happen. Suit up and show up.

4. ACCOUNTABILITYBUDDY. Good old Vladimir Nabokov (he wrote Lolita) used to write in his room and had his wife lock the door – and he wasn’t allowed to come out until he slid a certain number of pages that he had written under the door. This is extreme, however I like the concept. In case you don’t have a psycho wife to hold you accountable, I suggest you find a writing buddy or a coach where you can make daily or weekly action items towards your artistic vision.

5. DON’T HATE, MEDITATE. This is very helpful for writers because you learn to not identify with your thoughts or fears. Also great ideas sometimes come during that quiet time, although that is not the goal of meditation. I recommend twenty minutes a day, but build up slowly- start with five minutes a day for a while. Investigate different types of meditation and see which one intuitively feels right for you. Find one that really emphasizes non-identification with the fluctuations of the mind. We really only think two things all day long: This is Good; This is Bad! And then we base our actions on these two thoughts. What if you could learn to not react fearfully to situations, or the “This is Bad” thought? Good news! You can. Full disclosure: It might take your entire lifetime

6. BECOME A CHANNEL. There is a greater force, call it the Universe, call it Higher Power, call it Nature, call it Love, call it the Divine- and if you don’t have a relationship to that thing, you must try The Cosmic Tinder to find LOVE in that arena. It’s important because that force can write like a motherfucka and you definitely don’t want to miss out. When I have twenty minutes to write because I have to do fifty other things that serve my family or the world, I say “Cosmic Force please write through me because I have to show up for my daughter and I don’t have a lot of time, and please make it amazing!” And 98 times out of 100 it works. I am doing that right now as we speak, I am so tired and I definitely don’t want to be writing this, I want to go to bed- but I am getting SO hooked up. I don’t even have to think about what I am writing. It just flows out of me.

7. TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR LIFE. Probably there are things that you know you should change, so have willingness to change them. Start with anything addictive- drugs, drinking, cigarettes, sugar, unhealthy relationships. These things hurt your creativity even if you have a notion that they help you. What helps you is #6. Go out of your comfort zone and do #3 and be willing to sit in the pain, and seek out support to change these habits. You will be blown away by how big your life and art can become.

8. THERE IS NO EIGHT. Because I, prolific writer of a thousand songs, can’t think of anything else to say and I am at peace with that. Maybe something will come to me tomorrow or maybe I have to sit in more pain, but regardless of not having an eight I know that I am SUPER VALUABLE -and so are you!

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